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Make better your self-control with working memory training

2015-08-30 07:35:51

Behind the Brain Scale website there is an idea, that you may get your working memory stretched out by very strong training. We give you the best sort of working memory training on the market for free. We still don't have clear proofs if such training make better working memory in wide. But why not to attempt? Specially, if there is a possibility, that greater working memory means greater self-control.

What do we need for the self-control? It is one of the most important human trait. It lets you to control you behavior, for example to stop taking too much food or eat healthy. Good self-control keeps your anger or other feeling from burst and, at the end, strong self-control means better power to learning and doing things.

Working memory and attention are connected (Nutley & Klingberd, 2014). Working memory itself is kind of self-control, because it is a power to control an attention by having not into account anything, what takes attention away (Hofmann et al., 2012). When you have a good working memory, you have no trouble with controling if that message or those words are important to focus on.

Playing games, tetris in this case, truly decrease desire for drugs like alcohol, nicotine, caffeine or even sex (Skorka-Brown, 2015). Self-control? Try it now, for yourself!

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