Mental Math Experiment: Day 30

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Mental Math Experiment: Day 30

2012-09-08 20:23:21

I noticed some progress in the mental math.

Today is the second day in a row when I have a rate more than 50% in 3x3 multiplication. Yesterday it was 60% today is 70%.

Lately I felt that my memory often can hold a number accurately for relatively long period of time, while I do other intermediate calculations.

It sometimes feels like a miracle. I calculate a number and realize I almost forgot the previous one. Then I pull some number from my memory, add up with the latest result - and the answer is correct.

I also noticed today, that I have some difficulty doing mental math multiplication not at the computer. Just to multiply two 2-digit numbers standing on the street with my friend took a lot of time.

The problem as I see it is that the expression is visible all the time I'm trying to solve it. So I'll add an option to hide formula after showing it for say 5 seconds.

I also want to change number generator to exclude "easy" numbers, like those ending with 0. Because multiplying 123*610 is not a fair 3x3 multiplication.


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