Mental Math Experiment: Day 5

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Mental Math Experiment: Day 5

2012-08-24 17:30:17

Today is the 5-th day I started experiment with the N-Back task (numeric) and mental math calculations. For Numeric N-Back I use Dual N-Back task with position and numeric signals.

First 5 days I only used the N-Back task.

I started from 5.64 max and 4.88 average. Today I'm on 5.77 max and 4.99 average. (And there were days with better results.)

These numbers show there is almost no progress. But I feel much more comfortable remembering numbers and guess soon there will be a breakthrough to the next level. I only do the task for 20 minutes a day, so it may be the reason of no/minimal progress.

In parallel I'm developing the mental math task. Yesterday I've made a working prototype and could do some training. Addition of two-digit numbers was easy. Multiplication was more fun. It made me to be focused and forced my brain to work on full capacity.

Initially I set time limit to 20 seconds, that was not enough for most of the trials. Then I increased it to 30 and then to 35 seconds. That was enough for most of them, since some most complex were not solved.

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