Mental arithmetic as the brain training

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Mental arithmetic as the brain training

2015-07-04 08:48:02

One's brain capacity is a thing, which is able to be trained and made wider. You may make your brain quite better and intelligence sharper by cognitive brain training, for example by musical instrument playing or by specialized computerized cognitive training we give for you on Brain Scale. One of my specially loved form of cognitive training is mental arithmetic, doing calculation in mind. It is in addition probably one of the best form of such brain up scaling.

mental arithmetic with abacus

Possibly you know, that working memory is an important factor, which gives picture the capacity of men's brain (Kane et al., 2005). By its nature mental arithmetic uses the working memory very strong (DeStefano, 2004). Operation on numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication or division has need of a great amount of brain power and its cells (Arsalidou & Taylor, 2011). Is it possible, to push brain harder than that?

Arithmetic in mind is so hard bit of work, that it truly changes brain structure, making some of the brain's areas thicker (Takeuchi et al., 2013). It is very clear in brains of persons, who use abacus, simple instrument for calculations, when they calculate in mind. Some of them are so good, that they don't use abacus in fact. They only see the abacus in their mind, and do arithmetic on it! (Stigler, 1984)

But why mental arithmetic is so important, even more important than other form of cognitive training out there? It is because some proofs support the idea, that arithmetic training helps later in life with more complex math, in the high school and farther (Price et al., 2013).

On the Brain Scale you may to train simple mental arithmetic on large numbers. I suggest specially multiplication, because it is most complex of all, and you need to train hard, if you desire to have an effect. So don't waste time, attempt right now and scale up your brain with mental math!

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