Dual N-Back

Dual N-Back

Dual N-Back is a professional-grade brain training game.

It makes you smarter!

Unlike many other brain training exercises Dual N-Back is proven to transfer training results to other brain activities. This effect has been confirmed by a number of scientific studies.

"Fluid intelligence (Gf) refers to the ability to reason and to solve new problems independently of previously acquired knowledge. Gf is critical for a wide variety of cognitive tasks, and it is considered one of the most important factors in learning. Moreover, Gf is closely related to professional and educational success, especially in complex and demanding environments."

How To Start

N-Back preview

The Dual N-Back game field is a square separated to smaller squares with lines (like 3x3 cross-zero game field).

During the game the image is shown in one of the game squares.

Your task is to find a match of the current position of the image to the position shown one (or two) step earlier. If there was a match, press the corresponding match key. Same thing for the auditory letters. Just listen and try to remember the letters from the previous steps.

For more details on how to do the Dual N-Back task, you can read the n-back tutorial section.

Tips For Beginners

N-Back tips

There are some points you have to know to do the Dual N-Back task right. Here is a short list of tips for you to start:

  • - do it at least 20 minutes a day (30-40 is better) to have significant results;
  • - do it at least 5 days a week;
  • - subvocalizing is bad;
  • - chunking is not so bad;
  • - if you get stuck on one level for two or three weeks don't worry, just keep going, but don't forget to:
  • - push your limits. If you get 80% success rate on the task, move up to the next level. Don't try to stabilize a level you are already doing good. Going out of your comfort zone is the only way to grow.

Real Life Benefits

A lot of people report numerous benefits after doing the N-Back Task, such as:

  • easier to get a hold of a discussion
  • better verbal fluency
  • faster reading with better understanding
  • better concentration and focus
  • better dream recall
  • improvements in piano playing

All these benefits (and there are many others) were taken from the real user feedback on the N-Back task training.