Profile and Account

Profile and Account


Registration allows you to get you a user account within the website. All the benefits from registering the account are described on the Registered Training Mode page.

To start registration please open the Registration page.

As you can see there are two ways to register the account: with your Google account or with the email and password.

Registering with Google

To register with Google just click the "Signin with Google" button on the registration page. You will be shown the dialog that requires your confirmation of using the Google services as the login. Upon agreeing to it you get the account on the website and can access it anytime with your google account.

Registering with Email and Password

To register with email and password you need to create your own unique user name. There are some restrictions on the user name you may choose:
- the name must be 2 or more characters long
- the name should be unique across the website
- the name can contain only the following characters: letters from a to z, numbers and the '-' character.

You also need to provide your email and password in corresponding fields.


To log in to the service please use the Login page.

If you registered with Google just click the Sign in with Google button. If you registered with email and password enter those in the corresponding fields and press the "Login" button.

Pay with PayPal via 2Checkout

To pay with PayPal first click the "Go Premium" button on the Checkout page. The redirect to 2Checkout website will follow.

The purchase on 2Checkout consists of 3 steps:
- Review the Order Details
- Billing Information
- Payment Method

On the Review page please check the correctness of the order total - the number of items purchased and the total amount.

On the Billing Information you'll need to enter some data like your name and the address. Note: no card data is required on this step.

On the Payment Method you may choose the PayPal tab and continue checkout through the PayPal interface.