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2012-09-23 22:02:09

The User Profile page consists of two sections: Profile Info and Game Statistics.

In the Profile Info section you can add some information about yourself, like Name, Sex, Birthday and arbitrary text.

And you can also upload (remove) your avatar.


The Game Statistics section contains general statistics of the games you played and statistics grouped by game type.

Clicking on a game type you can see a chart displaying your progress in the selected type.


When the Profile menu is active, Control Panel submenu gets visible. Clicking on it you get to a Control Panel page.

There you can edit your personal info, change your password and manage privacy/email settings.


Next I plan to add more games/exercises to the site.

If you would like to see some special exercise or a new feature to an existing one, please give me a note in comments or leave a message via the contact form.


Good luck and get smarter with