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Planning Top Changes

2013-01-15 14:31:13

Only results that pass the following conditions will get to the top scores:

1. Total N-Back training time of the user on the site > 1 hr.

2. Success rate of the set >= 80%. Only results with rate greater or equal 80 will get to the top. E.g.: 6.8, 9.9, 8 (7-Back With 100% rate)

3. The set contains at least 4 cycles. That means the trial count must be at least N*4. E.g. for 2-Back - min trial count is 8; for 8-Back - 32.

4. Trial Time less or equal 3 seconds.

If you think something else should be taken into an account, we can discuss it in the comments to his post.

After implementing these changes we'll add CWM and Mental Math top ratings to the site, and it will be quick.