Site Update: The New Top!

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Site Update: The New Top!

2013-01-27 23:08:56

Besides changing the rules for the results to get to the top the weekly top was also added. Hopefully, that adds some competitiveness and dynamics to the training process. (The week on our site starts on Monday 00:00 UTC.)

With the new implementation to get to the top your result must match a number of criteria.

The common criteria is: total training time on the site for the user > 1 hr. (for each game type).

There are a number of other criteria different for every game type. The detailed description of them will be added to the help section of the site soon. (Most of them can be found in the post Planning Top Changes)

We'd like to thank all the users who took part in the discussion of the new top on the site or through the emails.

As always, we would be glad to hear any feedbacks and ideas from you.