Site Update: Premium Accounts

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Site Update: Premium Accounts

2013-09-26 21:50:51

With time we were making some small improvements to the site, adding new features and exercises. Among the other changes the profile page with games statistics overview was added, the statistics details page, the top results page. And this all was provided for free.

It was a pleasure for us to see as the user base was growing, rewarding us for our efforts. But supporting the site, adding new exercises and improving its functionality takes the time and effort. That's why we've decided to start charging a small (really small, by now) fee introducing the premium accounts.

The free accounts owners can still use the service but the startup delay is now added on the beginning of each exercise. Also the details statistics page will not be available for the free account owners.

Our nearest plans are to create the mobile apps for the major mobile OSes, synchronizing statistics with the profile on the site. We also plan to keep adding new exercises to the website. Always glad to hear your ideas and proposals about the

Good Luck and Happy Brain Training, Team.