Site Update: Triple and Quad N-Back

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Site Update: Triple and Quad N-Back

2012-02-20 19:23:09

New features for N-Back - Triple and Quad N-Back.

Now you can choose any combination of four main cues: position, audio, color and shape for your training. Just click the game type link, check the desired options, press OK button and start training.

User Interface Improvements

In the N-Back task all actions now can be performed with mouse only.

The training notifications were redesigned and enhanced.

The home page was redesigned.

Further Plans

The next features to be implemented on site are:

  • N-Back crab mode.
  • Some more training settings
  • User profile page with profile data and better training statistics. Possibility to make profile/results public (share N-Back achievments)
  • Login with Google and other social networks

If you are missing some special feature on the site - just leave a comment and possibly it may be included in the new release.