Ambiguities in IQ Tests

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Ambiguities in IQ Tests

2012-11-04 23:00:05

I have just read a blog post, written by Russian emigrant, who was offered to pass an IQ test to join the Mensa community.

The main point of the post is there are often tasks in IQ test having multiple correct solutions. IQ test authors often instruct in these cases to choose the simplest one. And this is the main problem.

In her blog post Tanya gives some examples of such tasks, like: What is the odd object out in this list?

- Cow, hen, pig, sheep.

You may try yourself to pick a number of correct answers to this question, and which one is to be considered the most simple?

You may find the original post with more examples and discussion here


And have you ever felt this ambiguity in tasks during the IQ test?