Bacteria for better brain?

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Bacteria for better brain?

2015-06-06 06:46:32

If you are healthy, there are a great amount of small life forms living in your organism, known as bacteria. Some live on your skin but the greatest number of them is in you digestion system. In general there are about two kilograms of bacteria in every one person and about ten times more bacterial cells, than cells of body. The most commonly known bacteria frequently cause diseases, but some of them are somewhat helpful and we have some proofs now, that bacteria in addition effects our brain. May we use them for making brain better?

bacteria for better brain

We still know a little about the connection between bacteria and brain. What we know is that bacteria in the stomach help digest food and keep us from diseases caused by bad bacteria and other organisms. Little amount of science papers suggest that it is possible to boot up memory in rats with bacteria. When the animals take food with good bacteria (such bacteria have a name probiotics), they feel less stress and they in addition learn more quickly. What about man?

In one study scientists give a group of persons a great amount of good bacteria, probiotics. Those persons had trouble with chronic fatigue syndrome, disease with full of things unclear. Man with this disease is constantly tired and frequently feels stress and fear. After such medical care those persons felt better and less trouble (Rao et al., 2009).

In another study scientist observed a group of older persons and discovered, that those who had a possibly different kinds of food and for that reason had as well a complex bacteria system in a stomach, were healthier and brighter (Cryan & Dinan, 2012).

We still don't know for certain, if one may speed up brain with probiotics. However we know that some sort of food helps brain and mind. If you would take those food and in addition you would attempt to take as much different kinds of food as possible, you will be on the straight way for sharp and bright brain.

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