Do you like brain training?

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Do you like brain training?

2015-06-28 13:15:15

Do you truly like your brain training? Or you simply sit there and struggle with every of its minute, waiting and praying for the end? Straightforward answer may makes a difference between successful, effective training and training without any good effect. In other words: if you don't like your brain training, whatever its like, you completely waste your time. It probably won't work. But how?

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In 2012 author of the webpage conduct a meta-analysis of studies covering the dual-N-back (DNB) effect on fluid intelligence. DNB is the chief brain exercise we offer you and he discovered, that it in fact makes intelligence better on average. But still some persons, who train with DNB get nothing and we still doesn't truly know why. On the author made public the proofs, that when you give money to the person, who train with DNB, she or he has clearly better outcome and effect. Money may give persons the reason for doing hard the brain training and as well it make training pleasing. We love money.

But let the money go for a second and take a look at some work in animal science. There are proofs, that when you let the rat or similar animal run in the wheel at any time he desires, in his little brain new grey cells start to grow. It doesn't take place, when you force animal to run or swim. When the rat do his running because he have to do, his brain doesn't give any reaction and simply doesn't grow. Sharon Begley in her book Train your mind, change your brain gives detailed account about those and similar studies.

Physical exercise are the best known brain trainer, and it may make brain a mass better, when combined with computerized brain training. And now you know it may not work if you force yourself to do it, in place of taking pleasure in it. So let me put again the question: do you truly like your brain training?

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