Do your brain like sleeping on side?

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Do your brain like sleeping on side?

2015-08-22 10:13:45

Good sleep is one of the most important factor effecting mind power and giving healthy brain. General person needs about 7-8 hours of sleep at night to give the brain time to get itself in good condition again. Some things break sleep quality. For example bright, specially blue light, air pollution like dust from bed and cushions, or too high degree of heat in bedroom. When you darker your bedroom, put there some house plants and open window for night, your sleep will probably be better and deeper. And now there are some proofs, that you may make your sleep even better if you fall asleep at your side in place of flat back or stomach.

But why is that? Brain is build by the great amount of living cells and every of those cells produce waste. In your head there is a very complex system which gives food to your brain cells and takes away every waste products. That system doing its work better in special conditions. When you sleep some of the brain areas are greater, and it works with more power. So brain truly clean itself while sleeping.

Now scientists put sleeping rats in MRI machine to see, how good is the cleaning system at different sleep positions. What they discovered is that the rat's brain clean itself quickest, when the animal sleep on its side in lateral position.

What may we learn from that discover? The brain of man is different than rat brain but we clearly have a great number of similar structure in there. So we may take to be true, that our brains clean itself quickest, when we sleep on a side.

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