How to improve intelligence

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How to improve intelligence

2015-02-07 16:59:54

About century ago Charles Spearman discovered that measurements of different cognitive abilities are correlated. It means that people who for example are good at mathematics, are usually also good at languages, science and other subjects. That observation led Spearman for introduction of the idea called general intelligence, in short: g.

Today we can measure human g with standardized IQ tests. It is not a perfect measure but still very good in population, where the tests were standardized. For example we can predict with much precision somebody's school achievements or future profession, just with IQ.

What is most interesting for us, is that IQ and probably also g are not fixed in human lifespan. You can increase your own IQ, which simply means that you can be smarter if you like. Smarter people have better jobs, make more money, even they live longer and healthier life. But how can you increase IQ?

In 2010 "Swiss Medical Weekly" journal published article Improving intelligence: a literature review, written by M. Bushkuehl and S. Jaeggi. Researches reviewed the science literature and found, that some interventions can probably increase general intelligence. The list is not very long:

  • Dual N-back or similar training.
  • Real-time strategy video games.
  • Novel activities, active life and problem solving.
  • Music lessons, especially learning playing with an instrument.

Fortunately the professional dual N-back training is provided to you with Brain Scale. You can start increasing your IQ right now.

In the next week I'll show you more reliable evidences that DNB training is one of the best IQ enhancer. Other, similar games are not so good. So please stay with me.