Improve working memory training with chewing gum

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Improve working memory training with chewing gum

2015-09-05 10:58:33

There is much you can do, if you like to make better your working memory training on Brain Scale. Physical training before dual N-back training leads to better effects and outcomes. Training after good sleep is most effective. A cup of coffee may help focus attention while you train as well. There is even a simpler way for making the training stronger and more fertile. All you need is a simple chewing gum.

So, chew your gum and train! Studies suggest, that common gum chewing make stronger one's power to be focus. It is very important, if you like make you brain training effective. But you have to know, how and when to chew the gum in order to see any effect (Onyper at al., 2011).

You get the best effect, if you will chew gum about five minutes before training. Such good effect lasting about 15-20 minutes, happily the same amount of time you need for good dual N-back training. You have not to chew you gum while you train. It is because the effect disappear then. Scientists are not certain, why it is, but is seems work that way.

Chewing gum is a very simple act, so best you can do is to try it for yourself. Anything what may make cognitive training stronger and deeper is good. Stronger training means stronger outcomes and the outcomes are the purposes of the training.

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