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Mind getting older: how to keep oneself from the brain slope down

2015-07-11 06:18:07

We're becoming older and older. When our body goes through the time, our brain getting older as well and our mind slowly lost its brightness and power to be focused. With becoming old two or three diseases frequently cause the brain loss of its memory and capacity, such Alzheimer disease or other form of dementia. You may look under and check the film from game, which makes a copy of one persons living, who troubles with Alzheimer disease. But there is hope! We know now, that everybody may keep oneself from such brain slope down and we collected strong scientific proofs for that.

One of the most complete and most new book with those proofs is Cognitive Aging: Progress in Understanding and Opportunities for Action, put into print early in 2015, written by group of scientist from Institute of Medicine, an American non-profit, non-governmental organization started in 1970. You may read it all online for free if you like.

At any age, you may use a wide range of things, to keep your brain and mind from getting older. As we read in the book, if you would like to lower the chance of brain dementia, you may:

We suggest on Brain Scale, that you may make you body and mind healthy, by combination of physical training with two or three kind of food, and with addition of professional computerized cognitive training on our website. Don't let your brain to get older!

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