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Mental Math Experiment

2012-08-17 22:10:16

Recently I started an experiment on the mental math training. But before the experiment details I'd like to have a few words on why I decided to do the mental math exercises at all.

I always liked the ability to operate big numbers in mind. Multiplication of two two-digit numbers mentally was possible but took a lot of time, multiplication of two three-digit numbers seemed as something unreachable. When I tried to do it I met some insuperable barriers like forgetting intermediate results in the process of calculation or some mental distractions that led me to loosing focus on the task.

At the same time I felt I could do it after some trainings that will allow me to expand my working memory limits and stay more focused. By that time I have already been doing N-Back task for a while and reached the Dual 7-Back level. So, I decided to add mental math exercise to the site. I also decided to make an experiment on how long will it take me to be able to multiply two three-digit numbers in mind.


The experiment

During the experiment I will be doing the mental math exercises together with the N-Back Numeric task. Making this decision I assumed that the N-Back numeric task will allow me to enhance my focus and working memory to hold more numbers in it. And the mental math exercise will train calculation process itself (and of course also the working memory).

The goal of the experiment is to find out - how long will it take to train the ability to multiply two three-digit numbers in mind within the acceptable period of time (10-15 seconds). My first estimation was one month, now I see it'll take at least two months.

One of the additional goals of the experiment is to extend the capacity of my working memory. So I will not use any techniques to do multiplication easier (like Vedic Maths and others).

The experiment started on the 25-th of June 2012. There was no blog on the website at that time, so I'll add posts describing the process and results as a backlog. I'm going to add user profiles to the site soon, and the results of all the sessions I have during the experiment will be published on my profile page.