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Grow up your mind

2015-08-15 13:02:56

Long time in the past we thought, that one person's brain only grows new cells when the person is young. It is not true. We are certain now, that brain may change itself even when person is fifty years old. It is truly possible for you to make your brain for growing new cells. It is important, because science clearly show, that new cells in brain, especially at area named hippocampus, boot up our power to learning. Growing up brain means to make better intelligence and mind strength. OK, so what you can do, to push brain for new cells growing?

  1. Physical training is one of the best thing you may do for make brain cells growing up. Such training works best combined with training of the mind (Curlik & Shors, 2013). It works better, if you take pleasure of it and do it without force (Olson et al., 2006) and works best, if your physical training uses strongly your proprioception (Moreau & Conway, 2013), it is sense of your body position in three dimentional space.
  2. There are proofs that physical training combined with limited calorie intake boot up brain cells growing better than only physical training or only limited food intake (Mattson, 2012).
  3. Video game playing may change brain by growing new cells (Colom et al., 2012). Very good effect have games designed for working memory training, like our dual-N-back (Owen et al., 2005).
  4. Meditation not only pushes brains for growing cells, but in addition have great number of certain good effects on mind and body (Fox et al., 2014).
  5. At the end small surprise. One very pleasing thing lets our brains growing it is experience of sex (Leuner et al., 2010).

As you may see, it is possible and even simple to combine business with pleasure, and use video game, specially loved sports or sex for strengthen brain power. Why not to try now?

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03 Mar 2016 at 02:16

tanks...can we ever see that a person with an IQ aroubd 140 like me...grow his/her iq up to 200 or even higher?

03 Mar 2016 at 12:40

Usually persons with high IQ, like You, gain a little from such training. However they can still delay brain aging that way, especially with physical training.

03 Mar 2016 at 17:28

hello..tanks dear pedros..i enjoy your papers in the website.

i see there is no comment under your good papers and it is bad for such very good papers..

i suggest you can use internet marketing software's or even strategies to get more traffic to your good website or blog...


can you help me in this case? i want to use my talents .

i have good voice to singing i am sing from when i was only 4 years old..

i hear a nice music once and reproduce it with my mouth just like it..

i can change my voice to a little 2 years old girl ,a woman ,a singer woman or man..

the problem is : i never see such a person with this ability to ask him/her that what is my job.

i have about 2 hundreds of invention ideas i wrote them in my notebook.

ideas get into my head like breathing

i read physics in best university in iran in bachelor of science ..

and i could read number theory and math olympiad from age 14 .

and now i am 29 years old and i dont know how i can grow and use my talents..

help me please if you can tank you

04 Mar 2016 at 13:27

Don't worry Mostafa! Just use your talent and intellect, to figure out... what you can do for a living! Don't try to mimic someone else, rather just let yourself to grow.