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Does computerized cognitive training work?

Brain Scale offers you professional computerized cognitive training. But how you know if such training really work and improve your performance? What science has to say on that matter?


The perfect N-back training

There are some strong evidence that N-back training improve fluid intelligence (Au et al., 2014). However not every user experiences such positive effect. In some cases N-back training doesn't work. Why?


How to improve intelligence

About century ago Charles Spearman discovered that measurements of different cognitive abilities are correlated. It means that people who for example are good at mathematics, are usually also good at languages, science and other subjects. That observation led Spearman for introduction of the idea called general intelligence, in short: g.


Dual N-Back Task and Focus

One of the biggest challenges for me while doing the Dual N-Back task has always been a lack of focus.

Well, not always.

The first weeks of training were almost perfect. The brain was fully loaded and I didn't have a millisecond of time to think of anything else other than the letters, the blue squares and theirs positions.


Ambiguities in IQ Tests

I have just read a blog post, written by Russian emigrant, who was offered to pass an IQ test to join the Mensa community.

The main point of the post is there are often tasks in IQ test having multiple correct solutions. IQ test authors often instruct in these cases to choose the simplest one. And this is the main problem.


Mental Math Experiment: Reload

It's been a long time since I made a record in the blog about the mental math experiment.

At first I had sickness that kicked my brains out of sharp state for about a decade. Then I had a lot of work on my regular job and on site too. So I interrupted my training until better times.

And now I feel the time has come to continue training.


Mental Math Experiment: Day 30

I noticed some progress in the mental math.

Today is the second day in a row when I have a rate more than 50% in 3x3 multiplication. Yesterday it was 60% today is 70%.


Mental Math Experiment: Day 16

Today is the first day I reached level 3.3.

I usually start doing mental math exercise from level 1.1 and increasing level if success rate was 80% or higher. During previous days I was able to reach level 3.2.


Mental Math Index Calculation

Creating the mental math exercise I needed a way to measure the progress user achieved. Some kind of mental math index that can be tracked over the time and can be compared to the other users index.

It should have taken into account the number of digits in numbers being operated. It should also have taken into account different complexity of the multiplication and addition operations.


Mental Math Experiment: Days 10-13

Day 10.

I continue doing the position-numeric N-Back task. There wasn't much progress these days. I'm still on level 5.

There were some tough days on my main job, so I didn't have much time to work on mental math. I just added some basic statistics.


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